GS型香蕉型滚轴筛产品概述: 火电厂燃烧的煤大多是未经筛分的原煤,其粒度等大小不均,进入锅炉之前需进行筛分破碎处理,为设计制造适于不同煤种和筛分设备,我公司经过多年的潜心研究,实践探索,并总结了多方的经验,博采众长,研制生产出GS型香蕉型滚轴筛,该机具有处理量大、效率高、结构紧凑,能适应高水分褐煤等特点,自投放市场以来,一直备受各大、中型电厂的青睐。

Product overview
Coal-fired power plants burning coal is mostly without screening of raw coal, its size is uneven, before entering the boiler should be screening crushing processing, design and manufacture of suitable for different types and screening equipment,after years of painstaking researchmy company practice exploration, and sums up the experience in many ways, eclecticism, developed to produce a GS type banana type roller screen, the machine has a large capacity, high efficiency, compact structure, can adapt to the characteristics of high moisture lignite, since put on the market, has been praised by the medium and large power plant.
GS型香蕉型滚轴筛主要特点: 1.配件统一,利于更换和检修。 2.增设了筛内旁路,使小颗粒物粒能够直接进入系统。 3.筛片采用耐磨材料制成,坚固耐用,而且更换和维修均很方便。 4.对煤的适应性强,不易堵煤,尤其对于水分较高的褐煤更为突出。 5.加设了堵煤信号,并加设了防磨板及橡胶式清扫结构,起到安全保护及防堵作用。 6.由于采用单机单轴转动,并采用辊道电机,启动转矩大,整个筛面传动平稳、可靠、噪音小。 7.由于筛轴是按三折结构5°-10°-15°进行布置。外形如同一根香蕉,且外形美观、结构先进,故称“香蕉型”滚轴筛。

1. The accessories is unified, replacement and maintenance.
2. To add bypass in that small particles can directly enter the system.
3. The screen surface adopt wear-resisting material, durable, and replacement and maintenance are very convenient.
4. Strong adaptability of coal, is not easy to block coal, especially for high moisture lignite is more outstanding.
5. Adding coal wall signals, and adding the wear plate and rubber type cleaning structure, safety protection and prevent effect.
6. As a result of single machine single shaft rotation, and uses the roller motor, big start torque, the entire screen surface is stable, reliable and has little noise.
7. Because the screen shaft is at thirty percent structure 5 ° to 10 °, 15 ° to decorate.Shape like a banana, and beautiful appearance, advanced structure, therefore calls "banana" type roller screen.
GS型香蕉型滚轴筛产品工作原理: GS型香蕉型滚轴筛是一种利用多轴旋转,推动物料前移,并同时进行筛分的设备,它的工作机构是一排排筛轴,每根筛轴分别由一台辊道电机驱动,并按相同方向旋转,使物料向前向下移动,同时搅动物料,小于筛孔尺寸和颗粒,受自重及筛轴旋转力的作用沿筛孔落下,大于筛孔尺寸的颗粒留在筛面上继续向前移动,并落入碎煤机。

Working principles
GS type banana type roller screen is a kind of using multiple spindle rotation, push forward material, and at the same time for screening equipment, its working mechanism is rows of sieve shaft, each screen shaft driven by a roller motor respectively, and in the same direction, make the material move down the forward, stir up the material at the same time, less than the screen hole size and particle, the gravity and screen the effect of axial spinning force along the mesh, is greater than the screen hole size of particles on the sieve surface to continue moving forward, and falling into coal crusher.
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