Cement vibrating screen has structure unique, breaking the traditional design scheme of power driven directly by the vibration source of vibration sieve, thus make the whole machine weight about 1/3, 1/2, saving power is more advanced vibrating screen of all products.Cement vibrating screen is small in size, high efficiency, low noise, stable running, convenient maintenance, the mesh is 5 * 5, durable.

     Vibrating screen is for cement, lime and cement designed similar powder material screening machinery;The operation is simple, compact structure, less wearing parts, easy maintenance;The new energy-saving vibration motor as vibration source, there are mainly two single vibrating motor and vibration motor structure;Cement screen machine is mainly used for cement clinker classifying and finished products, screen mesh for weaving nets;Vibration damping device installation, generally for a type, damping spring has two kinds of steel spring and rubber spring.



1, the machine of advanced structure, small volume, light weight, high efficiency, low noise, smooth operation, the vibration motor direct drive mesh sieve;
2, high quality, high manganese steel weaving nets, durability and convenient replacement and maintenance, screen mesh is commonly 4 * 4 mm or 5 * 5 mm;Can also be customized according to customer requirements;
3,saving electricity benefit is remarkable, high screening efficiency.


    水泥移动端结构合理,独特新颖,采用振动电机做激振源,物料进行抛掷运动,达到10bet处理的目的,改掉了滚筒筛和连杆往复筛的堵筛,粘网,换网难的缺点,该机广泛用于筛除水泥,石灰及类似的粉状物料的异物,以保证10bet十博和包装十博的安全运转。 该机结构先进,体积小,重量轻,效率高,噪音低,采用新型的振动电机作直接驱动。 筛网结构简单,维修方便,筛网采用高强度金属编织网,经久耐用。 该机座式或吊挂式均可。

   Cement vibrating screen structure is reasonable, unique and novel, the vibration motor excitation source, materials are getting  throwing motion, to achieve the purpose of the screening process, get rid of the drum sieve and link of reciprocating sieve, twigs, difficult to replace the network faults, the machine is widely used in screen in addition to cement, lime powder materials and similar foreign bodies, to ensure the safe operation of conveyor equipment and packaging equipment.With advanced structure, small volume, light weight, high efficiency, low noise, the new type of vibration motor for direct drive.Screen mesh is simple structure, convenient maintenance, high strength metal weaving nets, durable.This machine is a type or hanging.


型号及参数 处理量(t/h) 筛孔尺寸mm 筛面倾角 振动频率(次/分) 电机功率(KW)
SNS-30 30 5×5 960 0.75
SNS-60 60 5×5 960 0.75
SNS-90 90 5×5 960 1.50
SNS-120 120 5×5 960 1.50
SNS-200 200 5×5 960 1.50


  2、 操作使用:

Installation and Guidance
Vibration motor foot bolt hole and cooperate with the foot bolt should be close.Bottom bolt to solid and reliable, need check inverse nut or spring washer and so on lock, in order to prevent the loose.
1, the excitation adjustment:

Each motor turn eccentric block on both ends of the same direction, make activity eccentric block vibration force needed lines to scale to align the shaft head.
2, operation:
Two motors must synchronous running in the opposite direction, or change the phase sequence.
Motor running 100 hours, every 24 hours, the firmware (bolt) retightened time, running 100 hours, should be the most enhanced after fastening it again.Often open mouth observation, observation and clear the residual matter on the screen.
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