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Product overview
  ZSJ types arthropod coal screen adopts linear thickness grading principle, unit combination, segmental vibration, the secondary vibration, outside the ordinary motor drag, or a set of natural vibration source structure.The patent drawing coal sieve has a light weight, low noise, small energy consumption, high efficiency, long service life, simple structure, convenient maintenance characteristic, and adopt the high wear-resisting, high hole, self cleaning, widely used in the coal industry is large, mechanised, continuous classification work, all kinds of imported coal preparation ideal screening equipment.



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Working principles
ZSJ arthropod coal screen machine is composed of multiple class screen core, sectional vibrations, overall arrangement according to the thickness screening principle, according to the material of different, each section of the sieve core vibrating direction Angle and sieving can be adjusted to adapt to the processing points in order to achieve the best combination of screening efficiency, sieve USES two electric motors to drive vibrator do reverse self synchronous rotation, makes the screen body produce linear motion.
ZSJ arthropod coal screen machine, a damping springs, damping device, quadratic damping springs, and other components of the motor and its support, sieve box Lateral plate made of whole piece of high quality steel, vibration bottom side plate and beams with high strength bolt connection or ring groove rivet, firm structure and reliable.
ZSJ arthropod coal screen machine no vibration, motor drive shaft connected with the vibrator in the car.(except for natural vibration source group)
ZSJ arthropod coal screen machine  are vibration damping device with two damping spring.


Model specifications








Installation and debugging
ZSJ arthropod coal screen machine before installation, site installation drawing foundation and sieve contrast examination, embedded steel plate flatness error is not more than 3 mm.
Screen installed, adjust the relative position of the primary and secondary are in vertical state, the damping spring is lower than the vibrator motor axis axis 3-5 mm, then the motor bracket, spring base and cut steel spot welding.
Requiring two motors to be opposite.
Vibrating screen no-load running time is 4 to 6 hours, screen body smooth operation, no horizontal pendulum and abnormal sound, check the sieve plate, vibrator fastening.
Check the vibrator bearing operating temperature, shall be no greater than 75 .



Use and maintenance
Arthropod screen starting order: expect flow direction, parking in the material flow direction.Should avoid belt is expected to start, screen material screen out entirely and then stop.
Should be paid attention to in the process of working in a sieve, sieve box running smoothly, if discovery is abnormal or have sound, should immediately stop check.
Arthropod coal screen machine is positive angle of installation.

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