Product overview
    YZS vibrating motor a common vibration model.Vibration motor is main equipment of numerous mechanical equipment on the product power, is also a major part of the vibrating screen.

        YZS系列振动电机是一种新型号振动电机, 特点是体积小巧, 外形美观, 性价比高等。与其它振动电机不同的是它的外壳和机座是一体铸造完成,改进了工艺,减少了成本,提高了防尘性能。
        YZS vibrating motor in addition to application and general vibration machine outside, also can combine a variety of vibration mode.Such as: swing, vortex, shaking vibration type, combination straight, long elliptic type, compound dual-band type, compound type double amplitude, etc.By these vibration form can produce some past have no of new vibration machine.This is the main characteristic of the vibration motor.
        YZS series is a kind of new type vibration motor, vibration motor is characterized by small size, beautiful appearance, high performance-price ratio.Unlike other vibration motor shell and frame is a whole casting, improved the process to reduce the cost and improve the performance of dust.


    Installation dimension
        Vibration motor model, there are many more vibration motor products ,welcome to view our company website, if there is demand please contact hongyuan vibration motor vibration.YZS vibrating motor hotline: 400-0000-343.

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