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Working principle: use the proportion principle, first to separate the mildew seed, impurities, reuse screen hole to the size of the grain sorting with clutter.
1, the whole machine vibration noise on the box and the sieve box, body for the same arm drives the swing, swing in the opposite direction to the same time, forces cancel each other out:
2, low feeding: this machine is composed of ascension on.Greatly reduce the labor intensity;
3, simple operation, easy to move: below the machine equipped with a universal wheel, can change at any time; the work site
4, the filter precision adjustable: how many adjustable mildew seed;
5, environmental protection: this machine is equipped with a dust collection box can effectively collect and removing debris;
This machine structure is reasonable, stable performance.Large output, high efficiency and durability.Economic and environmental protection.Production of 30 tons, screening accuracy is 98%.
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