DMA系列电磁振动给料机是我厂在引进消化比利时TOLEDO公司的技术基础上.结合我国国情设计研制的新型给料十博。该给料机可广泛应用于冶金、矿山、煤炭、建材、化工、电力、粮食、机械等行业,可将颗粒状、粉状物科均匀、连续、定量地送至受料装置;特别适用于自动配料、定量包装、 生产流程自动化、给料精度要求高的场合。
     DMA electromagnetic vibrating feeder series is in re-innovation based on introduction and Belgium TOLEDO company technology. Based on China's national conditions to design a new type of feed equipment.The feeder can be widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, building materials, chemical, electric power, food, machinery and other industries, can be granular, powdery uniform, continuous, sent to quantitatively by the loading device;Especially suitable for automatic batching, quantitative packaging, production process automation, feeding requiring high precision.
     The feeder has simple structure, easy to debug.Installation can be divided into a type installation and hanging installation.Normal feeding can install downdip 10 °, the viscous or high water content material or powder material downdip 15 ° install and use.Selection of design should be considered when setting slid nozzle and the gate, you may refer to the specific configuration GZV series and GZ series configuration scheme of electromagnetic vibration feeder, to ensure the stability of amplitude and quantificationally.


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